the menu


Zucchini flowers stuffed with ricotta cheese and fried 9.00
Cream of pumpkin with raisins* 9.00
A selection of cold cuts with pickles 13.00
Salami of Mantua, greaves, apple chutney (spicy fruit preserve), Grana Padano cheese and gras pistà * 12.00
Fish soup whitout fishbone 13.00
Tartare of sea bream, tuna, salmon and amberjack 14.00
Fried breaded prawns with chili sauce – 14.00
Pike done in a sauce of peppers, Grana Padano cheese, raisins and polenta 13.00

first courses

Agnoli (meat ravioli) with melted butter and sage * 13.00
Macaroni with a stew of donkey* 12.00
Risotto with lambrusco wine 12.00
Gonzaga pumping tortelli in melted butter and sage* 12.00
Risotto whit sausage meat and roasted pork rib* 12.00
Paccheri (pasta) with seafood (our specialty) 14.00
Spaghetti with fresh tuna, olives, eggplant and Pachino cherry tomatoes 13.00

second courses

Grilled beef fillet “scaloppato” whit potatoes 16.00
Mantua cotechino and Roasted rib of pork with mashed potatoes* 13.00
Beef cheek stew with vegetables (our specialty)* 16.00
Stew of donkey and lambrusco wine with polenta (our specialty)* 13.00
Sea bream fillets and fried courgettes 16.00
Tuna, sea bream, salmon and anchovy carpaccio whit ginger oil 16.00
Steamed prawns whit curry sauce and coconut milk 15.00
Large mixed fried seafood and fried vegetables (our specialty) 17.00
Three peppered tuna steak with tomatoes and roast potatoes (our specialty since 1990) 16.00


Torta Sbrisolona (crumbly almond cake)* 6.00
Lemon ice cream whit limoncello 7.00
Dark chocolate cake whit zabaglione 6.00
Strawberries cup whit lemon ice cream or whipped cream 6.00
Fiordilatte ice cream with prunes soaked in red wine 6.00
Sicilian tart whit ricotta, candied fruit and marmalade 6.00
Iles Flottants with Marsala zabaglione (our specialty) 6.00
Warm zabaglione with vanilla ice cream and dark chocolate chips 6.00
Gift Torta Sbrisolona* 7.00

* Typical Mantuan dish – The menu could change