the history


the history of a food-loving family

Our gastronomic history began during World war II when my father Luciano, son of plumber and the youngest of seven children, went from running errands in a shop to partner up an important cheese merchant.
During the ’50s his first dream was fulfilled when he opened up his own wholesale cheese distribution as a licensee of the brands Locatelli and Cademartori.
In 1960 he opened up a small cheese shop, shortly followed by a snack bar where my mother Lina made spinach lasagna and mini pizzas which she cooked in the family’s simple electric oven.
Only four years later, at the end of 1964, me and my father opened up together the historical and soon to be famous “Ritz”. Thanks to the perfect union of a pizzeria and a restaurant it turned out to be the most well-known place to eat in the province.
“Ritz”, as a mather of fact, was the first pizzeria with 14 employees to be run by Mantuans, even though some of the staff members came from “zone tipiche” (typical zones). Among these were four Campanian pizza and seafood chefs who taught us how to cook fish dishes, which at the time rarely figured in the Mantuans everyday diet.
After two years, in 1966, I left the Faculty of Economics at the University of Verona to commit myself exclusively to this new gastronomic adventure. In particular I dedicated myself to taking care of the kitchen and creating “Ritzino” (the little Ritz), a pleasant and intimate restaurant within the framework of “Ritz”, which was an appreciated destination for both local and distant high society. The continuous presence of artists and politicians helped to make our restaurant even more famous.
But the gastronomic research was not yet finished.
In 1985, after twenty years of success, I decided to open up “San Gervasio” with the precious and indispensable collaboration from my wife Patrizia. It was a beautiful restaurant and also a popular destination among great artists and industry big shots at the time.
In order to adjust myself to the new demands of the clientele, in 2001 I took over the charming trattoria “L’Ochina Bianca”, which originally opened up in 1992 as a Slow food restaurant.
Since then, the adventure continues…